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  /  Chef Bill Sanders

Kinjo Executive Chef Bill Sanders

Bill Sanders Executive Chef Kinjo Restaurant Newark NJ

His culinary journey started at Pig & Prince in Montclair with Chef Mike Carrino at the age of 16. Bill’s first job was a bus boy, quickly realizing he was drawn to the back of the house. This prompted him to ask for a shot to work in the kitchen. Sanders worked his way through the ranks from cold apps, to line cook to Sous chef. 

The attraction for Sanders was always his passion for food and making people happy. Bill’s Motto is “Food for the soul…from the soul.” He found his love for Asian cuisine, which led him to the art of ramen making. After teaching himself how to make everything from scratch, Chef Sanders became known for his unique take on these traditional dishes.

Prior to becoming the Executive Chef at Kinjo, Sanders worked with many acclaimed chefs who helped shape his style and mentor his creative ability. He attributes a major influence from running the ramen program at 7 Doors Down Ramen in Bloomfield. Under the direct guidance of Chef Lawrence Talis, Bill was able to find his personal stride and sharpen his techniques.

Bill Sanders Executive Chef Kinjo Newark NJ
Bill Sanders Executive Chef Kinjo Restaurant Newark New Jersey

Aside from his work in the kitchen, Bill is a proud Dad. He also loves spending time outdoors, on the and trying new restaurants for inspiration. Bill is a natural leader and he realized this skill away from the kitchen, learning the operational side of the business while managing Shake Shack.

Chef Bill put a lot of thought into creating a menu that would appeal to and bring together the diverse community of Newark. He wanted to showcase the flavors and techniques of Asian cuisine while also incorporating local ingredients and flavors. He also made sure to offer a range of options, from classic dishes to more adventurous ones, so that everyone could find something they enjoy. Overall, the goal was to create a menu that would not only satisfy people’s cravings but also bring them together over a shared love of food and community. Don’t miss your chance to taste his mouth-watering creations!.

Bill Sanders Executive Chef Kinjo Newark New Jersey