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159 Washington St. Newark NJ 07102


By Tehsuan Glover- Mar 7, 2024 In a recent interview with Tehsuan Glover, Owner and Chef Jamie Knott, along with Chef Bill Sanders, shared insights into the unique culinary journey that is Kinjo, a restaurant situated in the heart of Newark, NJ. The duo discussed the restaurant’s integration of Japanese Izakaya culture with the lively essence of Newark, emphasizing its role as a community hub. TG: Kinjo represents a fusion of Japanese Izakaya culture and Newark’s vibrant atmosphere. How have you integrated elements of Newark’s diverse culture into the traditional Izakaya experience at Kinjo? “Kinjo represents a fusion of Japanese Izakaya culture and

By Jacqueline Mroz | | January 23, 2024  At the prominent chef's newest eatery, the aesthetic and ambience are a treat for the senses. But the food is the real reason to visit. Jamie Knott, one of the top chefs in the state, already runs four critically acclaimed and popular restaurants here (Madame and Cellar 335 in Jersey City, the Saddle River Inn, and the Saddle River Cafe). But Knott has always loved Asian food and its flavors and wanted to try his hand at something new. The result is Kinjo, Knott’s first Japanese restaurant, which opened in November. Located in downtown Newark, it’s become a hot spot for hip foodies in the

By Linda Lindner(Newark ) - December 12, 2023 Urby, a leader in crafting innovative residential communities known for its imaginative design and vibrant communal spaces, announced a collaboration that brings a new and exciting culinary experience to Downtown Newark. Kinjo, a Japanese-inspired Izakaya, has opened its doors within Newark Urby, promising a dynamic dining experience to both Urby residents and the broader community. Situated at 155 Washington Street, adjacent to Rutgers University in the heart of Downtown Newark, Urby features brand new apartments, inventive interior design and a strong focus on community events and resident experiences – now further supercharged with the addition of Kinjo. Each

By Joshua Burd - DECEMBER 12, 2023 A Japanese-inspired restaurant has opened its doors in downtown Newark at the base of the newly delivered 250-unit Urby apartment building. Known as Kinjo, the eatery at 155 Washington St. is the brainchild of owner Jamie Knott, a renowned chef who has collaborated with business partner Robert Palmer, according to a news release. Its menu, curated by Knott and Executive Chef William Sanders, has 120 seats and a full bar, offering a contemporary interpretation of Japanese cuisine with a diverse selection including dumplings, bao, sushi rolls and Ramen. “We are thrilled to introduce Kinjo to Newark

Written By Diana Cooper - November 20, 2023 A new Japanese restaurant has opened in Newark — and it’s coming from the same owner of three other well-known restaurants, including Cellar 335 and Madame in Jersey City. Kinjo is a new Japanese-inspired restaurant and the most recent addition to the dining scene in downtown Newark. Located at 155 Washington Avenue in Newark, the new business has a straight-forward menu with Japanese items loved by many. The Montclair Girl spoke with Jamie Knott, chef and owner of Kinjo, about what’s to come back in June. “First of all, Kinjo means ‘neighborhood’ in Japanese

By Chris Fry - November 17, 2023 One of Downtown Newark’s most high-profile developments has officially added a new eatery to the block as an acclaimed restaurateur has launched the Asian-influenced Kinjo. On November 15, the lights finally went on at 159 Washington Street on the ground floor of the Newark Urby project. The newest eatery to hit Downtown Newark comes courtesy of owner Jamie Knott, who runs Jersey City’s Cellar 335 in addition to the Bergen County eateries Saddle River Inn and Saddle River Cafe. Knott opened Madame in Jersey City last year and has partnered with Chef Bill Sanders for Kinjo, which translates to “neighborhood” in Japanese. The